Bb what city are you from ?

I live just north of Brisbane :)

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I did not manage to sleep until next Tuesday and I am disappointed

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ashtonirwin NY city

ashtonirwin NY city


Little Ashton Things - his eyes

All my friends keep asking

Why I’m not around

I’m going to nap and hope I wake up next Tuesday

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so innocently sexy

I'm going to a Halloween party in a few weeks but I don't know of any costumes and I wanted to keep the color to mostly black to be honest. any suggestions on what I could go as?

catwoman, batman, that evil Spider-Man from number 3 with Toby McGuire, a stagehand, a robber, an emo pretentious art student, matt Healy, a beetle (like the bug), a crow, paint some red on your butt and go as a red back spider, paint some red on your belly and go as a red bellied black snake, DARTH VADER, luke skywalker in his jedi clothes, Severus snape, Sirius black when he’s the dog, hagrid’s beard, a bat, one of the members of KISS, the list is endless really

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wow another post about how michael is ugly what an original idea

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*immerses self in 6 month long field study of ashton’s titties*


kms aSHTON


kms aSHTON

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